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AZGambler Casino Blog | Online Gambling News, Poker Hand Analysis, and MTT Recaps

Arizona Gamblers Should be Ready

Date August 12, 2012

For those that enjoy gambling in Arizona, they are often left out of the discussion on what might make them happy. People do not think that those in AZ have a big drive to play and they figure that if they do they can head on over to Las Vegas or some other casino in order to get that itch scratched. But for those that enjoy online gambling in particular, soon there could be a way for them to enjoy it without getting into trouble. Of course if they do find that they are in over their heads, they might want to check out so that they can find out what they need to do in order to be smart about their gambling.

But the VIP Gambler’s new sit is offering gambling reviews, odds, tips, etc. to make gambling easier for players to be successful at. Their new mobile version of the “the world’s foremost betting concierge website” is going to go viral as soon as people understand what it has to offer. The mobile version is only allowing United Kingdom, Canadian and European markets to have access right now, but experts feel that this could eventually change. They know that if online gambling goes legal in the US that everyone, even the AZ gambler, is going to want to check out the site.

The site is working to keep themselves abreast of all laws pertaining to online gambling and they feel that they have really gotten where they need to be with their clients. They are offering them access to many partners as well that will be able to meet their VIP players’ needs and they pride themselves on their discretion.

Finding Casinos that Offer US Residents a Chance

Date July 25, 2012

Now, before we go any further with the discussion of online gambling casinos for folks in Arizona, California, or any of the other 50 states, it is important to note that although there are sites that are offering you links to online casinos that you might want to play at, it is still up to the gambler to ensure that what they are doing is legal in their jurisdiction. Some states do not allow any gambling at all, and others are more restricted in what they will allow and what they won’t. So before you choose to play at any of these sites, search your local laws.

That being said, if you folks in AZ are looking for a great online site, then you need to look no further than for your list of the best online casinos out there for US residents. These casinos have been hand picked by the site so that you can make an informed decision as to where you might want to play. They have listed their rank, their bonus and pay out, and given you a link to download the casino if you so desire.

They also give you a few casinos that they have gone ahead and written out their reviews for you to read so you can see the thinking that goes on for them in choosing these sites for their recommendations. There are plenty of sites to choose from out there and it can get confusing for the average player. But if you are from AZ or anywhere in the US that allows online gaming, then you are going to want to check out their picks for gambling.

Casino in Big Trouble with DIA

Date July 23, 2012

Sky City Casino is in some serious trouble with the Department of Internal Affairs for allegations that they “coaxed”” a woman to come to their casino that is legally barred from doing so. Selena Watson and her husband Richard have been barred from the casino for two years and allegedly the casino had been trying to get them back to the casino even though to do so they would be breaking the law. The DIA says that they could be in “breach of their host responsibility” if this is indeed the case.

Watson and her husband had gambled almost $50 million over the course of 10 years at the casino from money that had been allegedly stolen from his employers. Supposedly Richard Watson took almost $5.5 million from them as their accountant and is currently serving a six year jail sentence stemming from that theft. Sky City had banned the couple after that, and they were banned from Hamilton and Christchurch Casinos all at the same time. But Selina said that they have been getting text messages from the casino asking her to gamble there. She says that if she did she would be breaching the trespass orders and could go to jail for doing so. She said that she was “really, really angry” when the texts started coming, and then wondered “what on earth was going on” with the casino.

According to sources similar to Reuters, if they are found in breach of their responsibilities they could lose their license. The casino said that they will be investigating and that it was obviously a computer glitch that they would be working to get fixed.

Learning What You Know

Date July 14, 2012

When you go to sites like you won’t always see the human interest stories that plague people when it comes to gambling addiction. Normally you only see the ones that have to do with someone stealing from their company in order to fund that addiction, but we never know how it gets started. For Joseph Somma though, he is looking to tell his story so that it might act as a cautionary tale for those that might come after him. There is an old saying that you “learn what you know.” In other words you will follow in the footsteps of what you see and what you grow up with. No one is born a racist – but if your parents are you are going to learn the only thing you know, which is to be a racist. For Somma this was gambling.

As a child he would go with his father – his parents were divorced – to the racetrack where he would watch his father gamble. His therapist later told him that all little boys want to be like their fathers, so it is no surprise that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a gambling addict like him. He said that he would go to the track and spend Saturdays there with his father watching him play the horses, and when he grew up he naturally followed his father in to the gambling arena.

However, just like his father, he was unable to control his gambling and soon he was addicted just like him. Now, Somma has beat his gambling addiction and has not gambled in four years – but he is out there letting people know what went on with him so that they might avoid the same pitfalls that he did. He is making a movie about it as well as he is hoping to help others.

Illegal Track Dismantled

Date June 29, 2012

Arizona gamblers are in a bit of a mess today, or at least those that chose to visit an AZ track that was not legal. The AZ Department of Gaming has dismantled an illegal horse track near Picacho that was running without any kind of legal authority. However, many in AZ want to know why it was allowed to continue and how it is that nothing was done sooner when it was so obvious that there was a track there. The folks at would not have allowed this to happen for sure!

The fact of the matter is that the track fell into a sort of dead area as far as state officials were concerned – it was half way between Phoenix and Tucson and no one was taking care of it. Residents that lived near it had complained to police for something to be done about it because of the noise, traffic and dust that were coming from the operation of the venue. The track had distributed posters in the area, they had videos on You Tube and its own website promoting it, yet police failed to do anything about it until the complaints were made.

Now the State Gaming Department says that they have cracked down on the illegal horse races and shut down the track. They say that there are at least five people involved with running it but they have not arrested anyone as of yet. The Attorney General will be looking into the case to see what steps are necessary to be taken from here. They say that illegal gambling in the state of AZ will not be tolerated.

Using Options Available

Date May 28, 2012

When it comes to online gaming, there are many things that you can do in order to find where you want to play. You can go to an online casino portal, you can go to your friends, etc. all in an attempt to get the information that you need in order to play. You would not search things like the Wall Street Journal obviously unless you were looking for financial information on a site that might have some ties to something of importance to them. No, you have to know where to look for information that is relevant to the quest that you have.

Now you could also look at a site like for information for online sites that you are interested in playing at, and this would be a very good source of info for you. But if you are looking for places to gamble in Arizona – then AZ Gambler is the place you want to be. The website has taken its time and put together all of the information that you need in one place, and has done it in a way that is understandable and easy to navigate. If you want information on the AZ State Lottery, you have come to the right place. If you want to know which AZ casinos are the place for you – then this is the right place. Anything an AZ gambler wants to know can be found at the site.

They also talk about the information on poker and blackjack and name the best gaming rooms around, and they are very clear about the more traditional options as well as those that might be more “newfangled” for some. With 13,000 slot machines in the state, they are not taking any chances that you won’t find something that you love for they know that when you do that money will come back to the state’s coffers which is where it needs to be.

Playing at Live Casinos

Date May 15, 2012

Because there are so many things to gamble on today, and there are so many ways of gambling, period, it is no wonder that the industry finds many ways to keep you interested. Whether you are a fan of the land based casino, or the online casino, or simply go to a bookie of some sort to gamble – depending on what is legal in your jurisdiction you could have a lot of choices in gambling. If you are interested in online gambling in particular, you are going to want to check out for this site has a plethora of choices for you that you are going to love.

That is the joy of gambling, where you get to pick what you play and when you play it, especially when it comes to online casino gambling. You can choose where you play in terms of the wide variety of sites, but you can choose what game you play and then choose the casino you play it at – all without losing the convenience of doing it from home. The Best Casino Guide is great for this as not only do they give you a list of places that you can gamble at, but they give you the basic information about them as well – bonus, download, etc.

They also have a blog that you might want to follow for it gives you the latest news updates which will make it easier for you to keep abreast of the trends as they are changing. Keep in mind that as they find out the news they post it there, and it is written in a way that is easy to follow and understand – which is great when you might be dealing with terminology that you might not understand.

Canadian Regulations a Bit Different

Date April 29, 2012

It is easy to think that in our country and in our state that the laws about gambling are going to be the same. However, this is simply not true. Just as the driving laws of Arizona are different from the driving laws of New Jersey, so are those that pertain to gambling of any kind. And it does not have to be AZ online gambling, any form of gambling is included. Each state has its own constitution that is separate from the federal constitution which the Library of Congress is tasked to uphold. Therefore, it only makes sense that the laws of another country would be different as well.

Canadian Gambling Regulation and the laws that pertain to it can be found in summary here: This is a great resource to find what goes and what does not. They are very strict in terms of their regulation and for good reason. Not only do they know that people do not want to play at online casinos that are not regulated, but they also know that they do not want their citizens getting ripped off. Now, they do not regulate online casino gambling at a national level, but they do regulate it in a way that enables it to be closely monitored within the scope of the lower government.

If you gamble overseas you are breaking the law. They cannot protect you from those that are not within the purveyance of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Much like those in AZ may someday be able to gamble online within their state, such are the laws in Canada set up similarly. The commission watches and regulates a lot of online casinos, but any gambler will know that they are safe if they partake there due to their stringent methods.

Arizona Gamblers are Looking to Hit it Big

Date March 31, 2012

With the Arizona Lottery The Pick climbing to $5.4 million this week, there are many people who are hoping that they are the one to win it. If you look up AZ gambler in Wikipedia you will see that this is the largest the jackpot has been in two years – hence the excitement surrounding it. The jackpot has seen roll over after roll over to the tune of 37 times to bring it to this amount. They have been awarding smaller prizes in the total amount of $2.38 million over the course of the 37 roll overs, but they have not seen anyone take the top prize.  Last week alone there were 23,000 winners for smaller prizes, but not the top one.

The state of AZ is excited because this means a lot for them. As people play the lottery the jackpot rises. And as the jackpot rises, more people play the lottery. With it only costing $1 to play, many think that it is the best way that they know of for the life changing win to come their way. You simply choose six numbers, one through 44 and if you get three numbers you get a small prize. The more numbers that you match the higher your pay out with matching all six numbers getting you the top jackpot.

You must be 21 or older to play and to redeem tickets and you can check your numbers to see if you have won at their website – Those that play say that although they want to be the one that wins it, they hope that if it is not them that at least it goes to someone who really needs or deserves it.

New Casino Offers Plenty

Date March 14, 2012

There is a new casino that is offering plenty in terms of gaming action for their players. The Casino Arizona is thrilled to be able to offer you more than 900 choices in slot machines as well as live blackjack and other table games for you to choose from. They have both smoking and non smoking poker tables for you to choose from and they are also offering Keno for players. The casino is bound and determined to get your business and they will do whatever it takes to get it.

They know that you could go to online casinos like and play there, but they want to be very clear that they are going to do what it takes to get your business.  The casino is located in such close proximity to Phoenix, AZ and Scottsdale, AZ so that they have a lot of their clients coming from those areas. They want them to know how much they appreciate their coming so they have pulled all the stops out to ensure that their trip was worth it. They are bringing out not just a ton of slots, but many variations of poker as well. You can play Let it Ride, Pai Gow, War, etc. in addition to blackjack 21 and Keno at their Keno lounge.

The casino knows that people do not normally think AZ when thinking about gambling, and they want to help change that point of view so that people will continue to come to them for their gambling needs. They are sure that they have managed to offer pretty much anything you could want in a gaming experience, and they encourage you to give them a try.